Modern floor lamp with a Hamptons twist

Miss Goodman Property

This is a gorgeous mirrored standard lamp that my darling friend gave me, yes that is right gave me. I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do, but it was mirrored….and pretty….so it had good bones.

I wanted a Navy/Indigo batik style print to make it more casual which suits my Hamptons Living Style.

Here she is before, her shade was surely ready for new threads and I was excited to try and learn to cover a drum shade.

Make me pretty!

Make me pretty

It is no secret that I love the style of Ralph Lauren and when I found this design of his I knew it was ‘the one’, and now time to work out how you recover these things…can’t be too hard I decided I have done a lot of other DIY successfully.

So I Made my pattern, cut out the fabric, glued it on, pegged it to ensure it didn’t move, left it that way to try overnight.

I love my new threads!

I love my new threads!


White it is :)

White it is :)

With the detail of the fabric and how much I really liked the shape I decided that a off white bias trim would give me a more tailored look than creating a edging from the fabric, as I wanted the shape to stand out.

Made you pretty.

Made you pretty.



And here she is in all her glory. I must say I absolutely love this lamp how it throws the colours and patterns that are in the room around and that it is a constant reminder of a dear friend who travels a lot and is very Hamptons Living.

Upcycled Laundry Hamper

Miss Goodman Property

In my about me you will have read I love old things. I have had this Lloyd Loom woven wicker basket, for almost 15yrs. I have known she needed a facelift (she’s not alone!) but life has got in the way and she is been salmon pink with equally desirable fabric for this enitre time.

Enter my trusty pot of white paint, Dulux Natural White. And after one bazillion coats of paint she looks SO different. Here she is getting her white on!

Laundry Hamper BEFORE

And now I am attempting my first little project in Upholstery, fingers crossed! Will post pics when she has her new clothes on 🙂  And if anyone has any tips on upholstering your own treasure please let me know!

Upcycled Architects Desk

Miss Goodman Property

The husband had some time to kill between appointments and decided to go to Woolongabba Antique Centre. I know Gasp!! that he went to this treasure trove without Moi! But then he bought home this little Architects Desk, thought it would be great for The Daughter to use for her art.

I thought it was clunky and no beauty. Number One Daughter wanted it in her room straightaway! After my protests that it needed tweeking I was given ‘You have 7 days!’.


Well now I am proud of this little desk. My one week of sanding, undercoating, painting, painting and more painting has resulted in a little bit Scandinavian, Coastal, Girly Industrial with a modern twist.

White and Timber Desk

The finished desk.

Timber Architects desk with adjustable lid.

Before I became a beautiful butterfly!!

Introducing Sir Jasper

Miss Goodman Property

Going to Bunnings took a little longer than usual as Sir Jasper came for the trip. He is always popular as people think he is a puppy. Jasper is our 8 year old Long haired miniature Dachshund, the youngest and littlest member of the family. Lots of people think he looks like a mini collie dog.

Who's a beautiful boy?

Who’s a beautiful boy?

The hardest part about leaving was fitting his ego out the door! Doesn’t he look comfortable from his elavated view?! He did help pick out a new doormat and clipped hedge for my Mother’s house that I am going to gently work on.

As we say ‘Everybody loves Jasper’. We might be biased though!