Curtains such a big decision don’t you think?

We have roller blinds but the slither of light at the side is waking us up, OK mainly me at 5am and I getting rather zzzzz.

I have to find a solution and I believe curtains will be it. But the thought is overwhelming as there are so many options.

Look at these below….I am drawn to them all, but I have to remember that it isn’t just my room alone!! And sharing is caring 🙂














A print over a plain just really changes the room so much and a heavy weight curtain sets its own stage.















At this point I do not know what I will choose but as usual I will probably come across something and nothing else will seem right. I am just hoping that happens sooner rather than later….















Isn’t this one a beauty?  I love a good blue based floral.














Soft and floaty is something I like but this linen look will not keep the sun out to the level I need it to.  Perhaps I can use something like this in the downstairs living room.















How have you gone choosing window treatments? I’d love to hear!

So hard to pick a paint colour

Miss Goodman Property
I have been thinking that our lounge room and bedroom lacks a level of texture, depth, warmth. It is OK to paint the walls all white in our house but now we are settled in it feels like we are afraid of colour. I have been deconstructing some of the images I have saved on my pinterest account and perhaps paint isn’t what I need it is timber flooring. If only that came in a can!

This image of a navy room below is a favorite of mine, it looks like the floorplan of my front room. Delightful.

Room perfection

Room perfection






















And what about these two images below? I love the fabrics, the blue and white china but there is not a dark wall in sight here and yet these are favorite images. I do love how dark timber furniture gives the room a sense of history. Good thing for me I am a collector (insert horder :D)

Blue and White China Love

Blue and White China Love

Built in Storage on a calming palette.

Built in Storage on a calming palette.

I will have to show you my room/s how they look at the moment in the next post.