I love this GREY!!

Miss Goodman Property
Only once have I bought a sample pot and this was the one time it was an absolute failure. I now know with myself not to second guess my gut instinct on colour choices.

Mr G had not wanted me to paint any part/room of the house as we only did it all in 8 months ago. So when Mr G went to The Alice for 5 days of work I went to the paint store 🙂

It started with a bit of this…..

Grey paint selection done.

Grey paint selection done.

And then as soon as I started putting the colour on I knew this was just what my furniture and the room needed. White is the easy choice when you are painting your house. It takes vision to go with a colour, but the results are worth it. If you are thinking about painting a room, I say go for it, you can always paint it back if you hate it THAT much. And as I also gravitate towards white furniture I needed to have colour on my walls or else everything blends in. That and I am now wanting to increase the timbers and other natural textures into my home, otherwise an all white house with all white furniture it is rather boring.

Here is my lounge room when Mr G went away.



And then after all that hard work with thanks to Mister G for helping with the big furniture removal and the application of the first coat this is the AFTER.

With a coat of Taubmans we are now looking like home.

With a coat of Taubmans we are now looking like home.

I cannot love it anymore than I do now, and now it shows even more that I need some wall art! Any guesses what Mr G brought back from Alice Springs?

P.S. If you noticed the lamp on the right? I will do a separate post of that little gem, it is too beautiful not have it’s own post.

The house!

Miss Goodman Property
Here is our beauty of a home by the Bay, she is not at all the exterior of probably what most people would expect me to have chosen but SHE has good bones.  I see something so different to how she is today. At the moment we have tenants in it while we work out what to do, but they move out at the end of September so I am starting to get excited. My dreams are filled with white paint and more white paint! Of course take down a wall or two (hopefully!) and change that exterior to something more in keeping with my ideas. I am not looking at major changes just cosmetic ones, they will do sooo much.  Although my idea of small is probably others ‘major’.


Sleeping in its natural state...

Sleeping in its natural state…

Hamptons style, it has got to be the most used phrase out there don’t you think? My style is true Bermuda/Colonial West Indies and that is what I will be trying to bring out of this beauty. Think luxe details, Mirror, white walls (of course), timber antiques, tropical prints, fans, verandah’s….very coastal, very outdoor and sooo Queensland.

Actually from this quick photo I notice I have chopped off the left side of the house and Mr G got in and cut back that middle garden before the tenants moved in.  Little changes really…..so much to do!  And only weeks away till we get the keys back 🙂 getting excited!!!

Hamptons Happy Days

FMiss Goodman Propertyirst post, where do I start?  Thought I would show you the type of houses I love.  Some of these are just soooo dreamy and not seen in my little patch of this world.  I hope to build a version of this beauty just so much character.   I love a house with little nooks and spaces you don’t expect.  In the online real estate pages I am drawn to the impractical, small, timber and cute.  One drive by with the teenage daughter brings  me back into reality, just got to keep searching for the block of land that will take ‘the dream’!  My heart belongs to this white house and in our Queensland tropical climate it would work oh so well….

Cape Cod Hamptons Home Pale Blue Hamptons Home



Plantation Hamptons style Home