Curtains such a big decision don’t you think?

We have roller blinds but the slither of light at the side is waking us up, OK mainly me at 5am and I getting rather zzzzz.

I have to find a solution and I believe curtains will be it. But the thought is overwhelming as there are so many options.

Look at these below….I am drawn to them all, but I have to remember that it isn’t just my room alone!! And sharing is caring 🙂














A print over a plain just really changes the room so much and a heavy weight curtain sets its own stage.















At this point I do not know what I will choose but as usual I will probably come across something and nothing else will seem right. I am just hoping that happens sooner rather than later….















Isn’t this one a beauty?  I love a good blue based floral.














Soft and floaty is something I like but this linen look will not keep the sun out to the level I need it to.  Perhaps I can use something like this in the downstairs living room.















How have you gone choosing window treatments? I’d love to hear!

Modern floor lamp with a Hamptons twist

Miss Goodman Property

This is a gorgeous mirrored standard lamp that my darling friend gave me, yes that is right gave me. I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do, but it was mirrored….and pretty….so it had good bones.

I wanted a Navy/Indigo batik style print to make it more casual which suits my Hamptons Living Style.

Here she is before, her shade was surely ready for new threads and I was excited to try and learn to cover a drum shade.

Make me pretty!

Make me pretty

It is no secret that I love the style of Ralph Lauren and when I found this design of his I knew it was ‘the one’, and now time to work out how you recover these things…can’t be too hard I decided I have done a lot of other DIY successfully.

So I Made my pattern, cut out the fabric, glued it on, pegged it to ensure it didn’t move, left it that way to try overnight.

I love my new threads!

I love my new threads!


White it is :)

White it is :)

With the detail of the fabric and how much I really liked the shape I decided that a off white bias trim would give me a more tailored look than creating a edging from the fabric, as I wanted the shape to stand out.

Made you pretty.

Made you pretty.



And here she is in all her glory. I must say I absolutely love this lamp how it throws the colours and patterns that are in the room around and that it is a constant reminder of a dear friend who travels a lot and is very Hamptons Living.

I love this GREY!!

Miss Goodman Property
Only once have I bought a sample pot and this was the one time it was an absolute failure. I now know with myself not to second guess my gut instinct on colour choices.

Mr G had not wanted me to paint any part/room of the house as we only did it all in 8 months ago. So when Mr G went to The Alice for 5 days of work I went to the paint store 🙂

It started with a bit of this…..

Grey paint selection done.

Grey paint selection done.

And then as soon as I started putting the colour on I knew this was just what my furniture and the room needed. White is the easy choice when you are painting your house. It takes vision to go with a colour, but the results are worth it. If you are thinking about painting a room, I say go for it, you can always paint it back if you hate it THAT much. And as I also gravitate towards white furniture I needed to have colour on my walls or else everything blends in. That and I am now wanting to increase the timbers and other natural textures into my home, otherwise an all white house with all white furniture it is rather boring.

Here is my lounge room when Mr G went away.



And then after all that hard work with thanks to Mister G for helping with the big furniture removal and the application of the first coat this is the AFTER.

With a coat of Taubmans we are now looking like home.

With a coat of Taubmans we are now looking like home.

I cannot love it anymore than I do now, and now it shows even more that I need some wall art! Any guesses what Mr G brought back from Alice Springs?

P.S. If you noticed the lamp on the right? I will do a separate post of that little gem, it is too beautiful not have it’s own post.

The house!

Miss Goodman Property
Here is our beauty of a home by the Bay, she is not at all the exterior of probably what most people would expect me to have chosen but SHE has good bones.  I see something so different to how she is today. At the moment we have tenants in it while we work out what to do, but they move out at the end of September so I am starting to get excited. My dreams are filled with white paint and more white paint! Of course take down a wall or two (hopefully!) and change that exterior to something more in keeping with my ideas. I am not looking at major changes just cosmetic ones, they will do sooo much.  Although my idea of small is probably others ‘major’.


Sleeping in its natural state...

Sleeping in its natural state…

Hamptons style, it has got to be the most used phrase out there don’t you think? My style is true Bermuda/Colonial West Indies and that is what I will be trying to bring out of this beauty. Think luxe details, Mirror, white walls (of course), timber antiques, tropical prints, fans, verandah’s….very coastal, very outdoor and sooo Queensland.

Actually from this quick photo I notice I have chopped off the left side of the house and Mr G got in and cut back that middle garden before the tenants moved in.  Little changes really… much to do!  And only weeks away till we get the keys back 🙂 getting excited!!!

French Style Cafe Chair Find

Miss Goodman Property Purchased these French Style or Hamptons inspired chairs at a garage sale last month. I have been VERY unsure about them as I am a NAVY girl. I have had many suggestions on these ‘ol dears and have decided to just wait and see if I can work them in with my outdoor style. They do need the bamboo re-polished and some of the joints are unraveling, but at least nothing major!

Six French Cafe Chairs
Six French Cafe Chairs

A big WHITE table will be on the shopping list to balance out these girls. I had thought of painting them but they would be in a long queue for the paint brush at my house!

They are rather Halycon House style aren’t they? Hmmm……

Finished Lloyd Loom Laundry Hamper

Miss Goodman Property

Here she is, all done!! I am so thrilled with the result, I think that she is so pretty I don’t want to hide her in the laundry and perhaps she might become storage for throw rugs.

Revamped Lloyd Loom Laundry Hamper

Revamped Lloyd Loom Laundry Hamper

Laundry hamper Willow Blue fabric.

Laundry hamper Willow Blue fabric.

For a first timer on the upholstery front I am happy I picked such an easy piece, although there were still some tricky bits in it. Don’t you just LOVE the Willow inspired blue and white fabric? Very happy I was able to paint and reuse the plaited braid, polished up the handle and dooone!! Yeppie 🙂

After being embarrassed of how she has looked for over a decade I am motivated to get on with my long, long list of other treasures. The move house countdown is on afterall!

Upcycled Architects Desk

Miss Goodman Property

The husband had some time to kill between appointments and decided to go to Woolongabba Antique Centre. I know Gasp!! that he went to this treasure trove without Moi! But then he bought home this little Architects Desk, thought it would be great for The Daughter to use for her art.

I thought it was clunky and no beauty. Number One Daughter wanted it in her room straightaway! After my protests that it needed tweeking I was given ‘You have 7 days!’.


Well now I am proud of this little desk. My one week of sanding, undercoating, painting, painting and more painting has resulted in a little bit Scandinavian, Coastal, Girly Industrial with a modern twist.

White and Timber Desk

The finished desk.

Timber Architects desk with adjustable lid.

Before I became a beautiful butterfly!!

Eureka, we found it! Beginnings…

Miss Goodman Property

The adventure has begun, we have finally bought a house to turn into a home. After set backs on purchasing land from an owner subdividing I have felt a bit lost at sea. Cannot find my dream home…builders tell me the ‘details’ are too much! What does he know!!

To my absolute surprise one very, very hot Saturday the husband said “I have found it. In your dream suburb, no free form pool, quiet street, walk to the Village and a blank canvas to do what you want…”. And he was right, right down to a large Frangipani tree in the garden.

Limited edition signed print by Lance Ross featuring 'H28 wooden ketch'.

Limited edition signed print by Lance Ross featuring ‘H28 wooden ketch’.

I just love the nautical treasure from the previous owner. They knew my style without ever meeting!

So now I am not homeless and I know where I will put anchor down, but the best bit is the changes, changes, changes! And as for those details, they say ‘the devil is in the details’, I say ‘Dad! will be in the details!’, he just doesn’t know it yet! 😉