about me

Miss Goodman Property

Welcome to my little haven of all things Hamptons or perhaps it could be described as the Australian tropical twist on this regency coastal style.

I truly love all things old that have a story and to put together a room over many years. Yes, I did say years!

I have been enjoying thrift shop finds, old-ware store finds and not to forget those kerb side throw outs from way before it was trendy! …Well more out of necessity as a stay at home Mum with two young children at the time.

I am lucky to share my journeys and delightful finds with my ‘I don’t care what you do’ husband, who suggests we go off on another ‘treasure hunt’…..as he loves it all as much as I do now and our long suffering children who have slept on the floor on a mattress for a couple of years as I hadn’t found the ‘exact, perfect, right bed of my dreams’ for them!

Living in the lovely bayside of Brisbane I do feel very lucky, the bay is everywhere around us and the coastal style works oh, sooo well.

When I’m not a busy mum searching for Hamptons treasures I run a property rental business and specialising in furnished and unfurnished apartments and units, mainly in the CBD of Brisbane. I also have been able to dress these properties on behalf of my owners to achieve maximum rental returns.

I would love you to join me and watch my Hamptons Living Home grow from the ground up.