The house!

Miss Goodman Property
Here is our beauty of a home by the Bay, she is not at all the exterior of probably what most people would expect me to have chosen but SHE has good bones.  I see something so different to how she is today. At the moment we have tenants in it while we work out what to do, but they move out at the end of September so I am starting to get excited. My dreams are filled with white paint and more white paint! Of course take down a wall or two (hopefully!) and change that exterior to something more in keeping with my ideas. I am not looking at major changes just cosmetic ones, they will do sooo much.  Although my idea of small is probably others ‘major’.


Sleeping in its natural state...

Sleeping in its natural state…

Hamptons style, it has got to be the most used phrase out there don’t you think? My style is true Bermuda/Colonial West Indies and that is what I will be trying to bring out of this beauty. Think luxe details, Mirror, white walls (of course), timber antiques, tropical prints, fans, verandah’s….very coastal, very outdoor and sooo Queensland.

Actually from this quick photo I notice I have chopped off the left side of the house and Mr G got in and cut back that middle garden before the tenants moved in.  Little changes really… much to do!  And only weeks away till we get the keys back 🙂 getting excited!!!

French Style Cafe Chair Find

Miss Goodman Property Purchased these French Style or Hamptons inspired chairs at a garage sale last month. I have been VERY unsure about them as I am a NAVY girl. I have had many suggestions on these ‘ol dears and have decided to just wait and see if I can work them in with my outdoor style. They do need the bamboo re-polished and some of the joints are unraveling, but at least nothing major!

Six French Cafe Chairs
Six French Cafe Chairs

A big WHITE table will be on the shopping list to balance out these girls. I had thought of painting them but they would be in a long queue for the paint brush at my house!

They are rather Halycon House style aren’t they? Hmmm……