Upcycled Architects Desk

Miss Goodman Property

The husband had some time to kill between appointments and decided to go to Woolongabba Antique Centre. I know Gasp!! that he went to this treasure trove without Moi! But then he bought home this little Architects Desk, thought it would be great for The Daughter to use for her art.

I thought it was clunky and no beauty. Number One Daughter wanted it in her room straightaway! After my protests that it needed tweeking I was given ‘You have 7 days!’.


Well now I am proud of this little desk. My one week of sanding, undercoating, painting, painting and more painting has resulted in a little bit Scandinavian, Coastal, Girly Industrial with a modern twist.

White and Timber Desk

The finished desk.

Timber Architects desk with adjustable lid.

Before I became a beautiful butterfly!!

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